O Love


My latest art project was a gift for someone very special. Love was once a four letter word to me: something I said to justify staying in a situation I should not have been in.  My entire life, I’ve had no idea
what it means to have a true partner. I’ve never been in a relationship where both sides have been on an equal plane –IMG_0032 mentally, emotionally, intellectually…and then I met someone, in  the most random way, at the most random time, and he revived the hopeless romantic in me that I thought had died.

I was done; I’d given up on the idea of ever making a real connection with anyone. I’d convinced myself that everyone in the world was shallow and stupid, and I was just different – an alien – someone who saw the world differently from everyone else. I’d convinced myself that I would never be able to find someone who saw the world the same way that I did, and that I was better off alone.  But I wanted so badly for someone to prove me wrong. I guess that should’ve been the first sign that my inner little hopeless romantic hadn’t died. My inner little cynic, however, had very little hope of ever being proven wrong.

But this one wonderful, kind, smart, funny, loving, handsome, amazing man managed to do it. “You’re not an alien baby,” he told me once, “you’re beautiful, and you’re brilliant, and I’m lucky to have you.”

So, I guess the lesson here is, I legitimately think that there’s someone out there for everyone: someone who thinks like you, is interested in the same things as you are, someone you can spend hours with and never have to feel like any action or conversation is forced; someone who can make your insides turn to mush with one look. That’s how a relationship should always feel when it’s right. Thank you, baby, for showing me what real love looks like. <3