Espresso Yourself



I was feeling an interesting combination of whimsical, artistic, and perfectly caffeinated the other night, and this was the result.  One of the things that’s really suffered in the last few years from my busy life and constant changes is my art. I used to make it a point to work on a project at least three or four time a week, even if it was a simple, silly one like this; it was a perfect way to unwind and de-stress after a long day. I’ve since managed to drop the ball on too many things that have defined me all my life, but I made a commitment to myself nearly a year ago to start taking steps toward being myself again. Growing up is a funny thing – you start trying to figure out who you are, go through phases, change how you act, speak, and dress, recycle interests and hobbies, and, if you’re lucky, you realize that you were the absolute perfect version of yourself to begin with, and all the makeup was completely unnecessary. So that’s where I’ve been: taking off the makeup and trying to find the version of myself that I started with, the version that I liked best; trying to go back to doing all the things that used to make best version me happy, like drawing, painting, writing, running, etc. I’m happy to say that I’m making excellent progress.